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IfIhavefoundfriendswhohavehadsomeofthefittedzodiac signs,thisisduetofantasyoracircuitoftheemittedenergyfromourorganisms,that formsanenergeticconscienceintheuniverse,thatcanmakeustochooseourfriends after the concepts, respectively the zodiacs, read by anyone sometime, and to the hazard.

The zodiacal compatibilities are a point of departure to our relations with the others, the specialty books and our life. Eachelementcontainstwoconsecutiveanimals fromtheChinesecycle. Theyin introvert oryang extravert characteroftheanimal imprints the element. Yin, the feminism, the woman, and yang, the masculinism, the man, form the human cosmic universe.

The Chinese zodiac has began, if we extend in the past our current calendar, in II Integral family:. At 52 years the two types of years coincide. These numbers form also bigger periods millenniums, eras. There are also 9 nights.

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In the Maya zodiac only the names and periods are sometimes different. An interpretation is that we are each of the 20 zodiacal signs, or all the signs of the zodiacs. Muluc, Toj Moon, rain, water Xocohuetzi fruits Hueymiccailhuitl great festivity of immortality Yax Venus, green storm hurricane typhoon, the first Xipe Totec flaying, spring, rejuvenation Mictlantecuhtli the immortality Itzcuintli N dog X.

Vrishabha Guda. A zodiac cycle has 12 signs, extended on the degrees of the zodiac circle. A sign has 30 degrees,these are divided into 3 decans:the first decan has the degrees, the second , the third , each of 10 degrees. According to the number of the degree thru which the sky object passes, we have that classical zodiacal sign. In the past the signs were the constellations these had the form of the signs and still do , but in thousands of years from the realization of the classical zodiac, the solar system moved from those stars, so the signs now dont correspond with those stars, but with the parts of the universe.

Our classical zodiacal signs solar, the most known from all the publications, of the Moon, of each planet, of the planetoids, asteroids or even more taken from the zodiac circle that traverses the Earth, are described at the transposition of the Chinese zodiac over the classical one. The terrestrial Globe rotates around its own axis, so practically every day we pass thru the degrees of the zodiacal circle. We are interested in what signs were the sky bodies, at the moment and place of birth of a person.

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These two overlapping circles are the result of a look on the axis that is perpendicular on the zodiacs circle, forming the map of the horoscope. By this way we find in which signs are each of the 12 houses a house will occupy one or more signs of the zodiacal circle , so also in what signs are the 4 directions from the wanted place and moment. By projecting this circle of the houses over the zodiacs circle, we see in what signs are the 4 cuspides and the houses. There are lots of complicated methods of calculation, I described further on their principles.

We can create them because the astronomers can mathematically predict the trajectories of the objects of the sky, the astrologers project their motion: on the zodiacal circle and into the ephemeredes tables. Thru the ephemeredes tables we can see our: solar zodiacal sign, vulcanian, mercurian, venusian, lunar, of the Moons nods, of the black Moon, martian, jupiterian, saturnian, neptunian, of planetoid Chiron, uranian, plutonian, of the different planetoids, asteroids or of other planets satellites from the solar system.

Free internet addresses with the ephemeredes tables: www. The sidereal time measures in how much time the Earth rotates completely degrees around its own axis in how much time a point on Earth sees again the same star and it is in the ephemeredes tables but only for the hour 00, using the three simple rule we find the results for our standard hour not of summer and with another table we find out the ascendant. On Earth we measure the GMT time and the local time with a delay of less than 4 minutes 3 minutes and 56 seconds , because we dont measure in how much time the Earth rotates around its own axis, but in how much time the light of the Sun sees again a same point on Earth 24 hours.

These approximately 4 minutes in plus of the GMT, from the sidereal time, are due to the fact that the Earth makes a rotation around the Sun at the same time with the rotation on its own axis. Also the ascendants have decades, degrees, minutes being a zodiacal sign. When the ascendant of a person is compatible with the anothers, the houses and the rest of the cusps will be mathematically compatible in a bigger proportion.


Because of the many tables, I didnt give the methods of calculations, but neither the simpler ones, because there are made all the time mistakes. At the next free internet addresses can be found the zodiacal signs, the ascendant and the other cuspids, very exactly here we dont have to change by ourselves the date and hour according to the eventual daylight saving time, because this thing can be made automatically, so we introduce the date of birth from the identity card and the official hour from the register of the hospital of the birth, unlike at the calculation of the Chinese pillars where we have to transform : www.

Thus we take the Suns zodiacal sign for the first person and we compare it with the Suns zodiacal sign of the other person, the Vulcans zodiacal sign of the first person with that of the second person and so on for the other planets, satellites, asteroids and also the ascendants of the two persons. How we can practically make the zodiacal compatibilities, by using the described theoretical data, it is exemplified at the total final zodiacal compatibility.

In essence we add cipher by cipher until we obtain a single number from 1 to 9. For the zodiacal compatibility of two people we find all of these numbers for each and then we compare them.

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We use for the zodiacal compatibilities also the Chinese pillars and the other zodiacs. There are also the numbers of the other divisions of the time. The personal numbers are given by adding the date of birth to the current or desired date.

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In general, the official date of birth is used, but also the transformed ones can be used. The name has lots of numbers and possibilities of numbering the letters, in function of the form or the order of the letters in the alphabet. We add the ciphers of the letters according to the type of number.

We put the numbers of the name in a grille of 9 figures too. We can over pose the grille of the birth date over that of the name. It can be compared the grille of one person with the same type of grille of the other person, square with square, how many numbers are in ones square, how many numbers in the same square of the grille of the other one.

For the zodiacal compatibility of two persons, we compare a type of number with the same type of number of the other person. Thus it is showed that there isnt a significant increase of the marriages on the basis of the zodiacal compatibilities between the calendar months or the classical solar zodiac signs: www. The year of this zodiac and the Asiatic Chinese year in Japan start at I 1.

When we are looking the ideal date, because there are lots, we will choose the dates, with the compatibilities of the other zodiacs and numerologies. We observe that the ideal years can be at big distances and can be without ideal months, some ideal months without ideal days, and some ideal days without ideal hours. We find the year and the day and then the other periods.

There can be made numerological grids and calculated the other numbers. We apply the other systems known, for comparisons between these dates and the other shifted ones. It can be made that both our 4 pillars from the place of birth and our 4 pillars from Beijing to be ideal with the 4 Chinese pillars from the place of birth and the 4 ones from Beijing of the searched persons, by finding the adequate birth time zones, so of the places on Earth that make possible the increase of the compatibilities.

When at Beijing only our Chinese hour is changing, there can be found all the 8 ideal pillars in some zones on Earth, but when we advance or regress with one day, already the chances to have all the 8 pillars ideal decrease at Beijing. Thus if it is not possible that all the pillars, both from the place of birth and the pillars from Beijing, to be concomitantly ideal, there are the options: - all the pillars from the place of birth ideal and the search of the time zones where the pillars from Beijing to be ideal in a bigger proportion too; for this we take all the time zones with the Earths contained regions, for each standard date and hour that have the pillars from the place of birth ideal and we transform them to the standard time zone from Beijing - all the pillars from Beijing ideal,that give other ideal dates and hours for the standard time from Beijing,and the search of the time zones,and then,more exactly,of the places of birth on Globe where, also many more pillars from the place of birth, to be ideal There are also the pillars at each time zone.

With the calculation of all the Chinese pillars we will see that the belonging of the countries and regions to certain time zones is variated, the same the period of the summer time. Thru calculi, at the free internet addresses mentioned at the classical zodiac, we find that the ascendant is Virgin. The ascendant and the rest of the calculated cusps can also be used for the selection of the ideal Chinese dates.

It is looked in which of the ideal Chinese hours, the Ascendant is ideal. We can search also the signs of the Moons nods, Chiron, Juno and other bodies or points from the sky. Discussions: The corals are fixed in general, the shells from a lake or the ocean, dont move according to the compatible zones, the same the algae, the medusas, the marine mammals, but also the fishes are frequently met only in certain oceans. The flowers give seeds with the help of the insects that transport the pollen from a flower to another, these flowers are not born in other periods of the year in order to be compatible after the months zodiac and neither the majority of the grains of pollen dont get to flowers from another terrestrial compatible zone.

The insects live little too, almost all dont travel on long distances, so they do not beneficiate from the compatibilities of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, not living years, and neither from the equilateral triangles zones, because they do not meet.

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Many other creatures live little and do not exist in all the parts of the Earth. Yet, the elephants live approximately 60 years in the Indochina zone: at the Dai people, instead of the pig from the Chinese zodiac is the elephant; the Vietnamese zodiac has instead of the rabbit, the cat, the Birmanese and the Siamese are the most known in the world; and at the Hainanese Li people the first in the cycle is the rooster and the last is the monkey, she is the orangutan who lives, rarely, 60 years , they bring into the world the elephant cub at night, in order to adjust gradually to the solar light, but this means they do not have sometimes the ideal match after the Chinese hour.

Many birds fly over seas and countries, but not according to the astrological ideal zones, situated on the west- east direction, but to the heat, on the north-south direction.

If we would be in the center of the Sun almost nothing would appear retrograde, but there are still points, comets and all the other stars and galaxies, that would still seem to go backwards sometimes, so retrograde, even from the Sun. The influence of the Moon can be seen thru the tides created daily, these are due to the forces of attraction between the Moon and the Earth, that are also between all the celestial bodies and us.

We will always find a particle, an asteroid, a planetoid, a star, a constellation, a galaxy or anything else that is for us in a zodiacal sign. All are based upon: - mythologies from different parts of the Earth - experimentation - imagination - and mostly the desire to know the universe These are offering us perspectives on psychology, the sentiments and the education.

There are also other zodiacs that begin from the moment of conception. In the future, when we will populate also satellites, planets, galaxies, universes, the universe, our earthly astrological system on a planet, where a day would be of earthly days, and a night, of earthly days, that would rotate itself around a sun in earthly days and that would have other 4 suns and 5 satellites, will be analyzed. On Terra, from the poles to the polar circle, the solar light lasts for entire days till half a year, and the night, in the rest of the year; there the yin night and yang day daily principles, the equinoxes and the solstices given also in the trees zodiac stand up by imaginative transfer from the places where these exist.

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